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Frank Erstling (English) - Interview #69

Frank Erstling is the founder and head of the leading German print magazine for retro gaming and retro computing - RETURN. Enjoy our talk with him - this time in English!
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Frank Erstling (German) - Interview #68

Frank is not only the founder and publisher of RETURN, Germany's most popular print magazine for retro gaming and computing since 2009, but also a passionate collector of games, consoles and homecomputers. German version of this interview.
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Andreas Garbe - Interview #67

Andreas is an acclaimed videogame journalist working for the german public sector television network ZDF and you also might know him from 3sat Kulturzeit.
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Andreas Escher - Interview #66

a talk with Andreas Escher (Rainbow Arts): Working since the 80s in the German game industry, he's a pioneering graphic artist responsible for C64 gems like Katakis or Turrican and many more on various home computers and consoles of that era. Get ready
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Tommy Tallarico - Interview #65

It's time for a look into our archives. Check out this talk with Tommy Tallarico : He is not only one of the most prolific game music composers of all time, but also CEO of @Intellivision and a celebrated live musician with VideoGamesLive . Enjoy!
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John Kellas - Interview #64

John Kellas was a consultant and director for many British software companies in the 80s and 90s like Mastertronic, GT Interactive or Rushware. In this interview, he talks about his career in the German subsidiaries of these companies. Learn more about so
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Gary Penn - Interview #63

A historic interview with Gary Penn, a video games industry veteran and former games reviewer for Zzap!64.Fun fact:The first Grand Theft Auto game would have been ended up cancelled without his efforts as a creative director at DMA Design (later Rockstar)
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Stello Doussis - Interview #62

Stello Doussis is a veteran graphic designer, coder and composer, mostly recognized for for the cool soundtrack of Game Boy Color games such as "Happy Hippo" for the Kinder Surprise brand! here, he talks about how he started with is love for game music!
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Rudolf Stember - Interview #61

Rudolf is a video game composer veteran who worked also for Rainbow Arts and later Factor 5 and has been known for working on games like the Star Wars franchise, the strategy puzzler Logical or converting the Money Island soundtrack from the PC to Amiga
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Randy Farmer - Interview #60

Randy farmer is a pioneer in online gaming, he created the first MMOPRG in 1986 aka Habitat while he worked for Lucasfilm Games (Later Lucas Arts), he has worked for Yahoo, Google, worked on Second Life and a lot more. Join us as we go through the history
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