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Christian Spanik - Part 4 - Working at Data Becker - Interview #52


we talk about how it was to work for Data Becker. A lot of stories to be heard of how it was to work for one of the biggest publishers in Germany and the first for computer books. We also talk about the expansion of Data Becker abroad like e.g. in UK

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John Romero - Interview #51


John Romero is one of the most famous computer game designers, most known for his 3D Ego shooters like Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, Quake, and the jump'n'run series "Commander Keen". In this interview he talks about his history in the video game industry

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John F. Kutcher - Interview #50


he is one of the early C64 programmers programming games like Space Taxi and Solo Flight 2nd Edition in the early 80s. Space Taxi especially celebrating a huge recognition by its unique gameplay and accurate physics at that time as well as digit. speech.

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Famstalk: Joerg and Peter about "WTF Arcade" (english) - Interview #49


Peter "Franky" Smets from is an arcade collector and dealer through and through. In his talk with Joerg Droege from he talks about his experiences and WTF experiences on his tours through the warehouses of Europe.

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