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1. Podcast Episode #75 - Christian Spanik's Digisaurier

Links related to this episode: Digisaurier: Christian Spanik on Linkedin: Christian Spanik on Facebook: https://www.facebook...

2. Video interview with Christian Spanik - Part 3 - Pioneering in Web TV

We talk to Christian Spanik about pioneering in web TV (Chip.TV, Sony Vaio.TV, etc) in Germany's 90s This is part 3 of our interview series with Christian Spanik!

3. video interview with Christian Spanik - Part 2 - Writing scripts for IT TV shows

Christian Spanik Interview for Scene World Magazine - Part 2 - How he made the jump from writing books to write scripts for IT TV shows. Here he talks about his experience with scripting TV shows that talk about computers, not an easy task at a time where this genre was still quite uncommon on TV!

4. Video interview with Christian Spanik -Part 5 - Working at Data Becker

A lot of stories to be heard of how it was to work for one of the biggest publishers in Germany and the first for computer books. We also talk about the expansion of Data Becker abroad like e.g. in UK...

5. Video interview with Christian Spanik - Part 1 - Writing books

This is the first part of the new interview series in which the German TV journalist dinosaur talks about this adventure and way and experiences inside the German computer IT and book business.

6. Video interview with Christian Spanik & Hannes Ruegheimer - Part 4 - Hannes Ruegheimer & user courses

More about old old IT stories, etc at: (German) (German)

7. Scene World #28

...Download Amiga version Issue 28 Editorial by Scorpion Editorial by Nafcom SWO Info Interviews Christian Spanik (Nafcom) John Chowning (Nafcom) David Pleasance (Nafcom) Dennis Pauler (Altraz) NTSC Scene NTSC News 1 (Alterus) NTSC News 2 (Alterus) Party Scene Syntax 2017 Report (Jesder) Revision 2017 Report (Altraz) Homecon (Finchy) Play Expo 2017 (Merman) Games Scene Game Reviews (Richard) Game News (Richard) The 8-Bit Phiosophy 2 (Ghandy) Let's Make a Game Tutorial Part 4 (Richard) Download diskcover (ZIP)Download label (ZIP)

8. Podcast Episode #130 - The A500 Mini with Darren Melbourne and Chris Smith

...Instagram: Music by Altraz: http://martindrake.netIntro Promo: Christian Spanik: (DE)

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