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Podcast Episode #75 - Christian Spanik's Digisaurier

Christian Spanik is one of the best known IT journalists on the planet. From his start in journalism, to writing books, TV shows, and eventually joining Data Becker, he has had a hand in almost every facet of the computer world since the 80s. In this podcast, Christian sits down with AJ and Joerg to talk about his new project, Digisaurier, and about how changes in technology and our digital lifestyles impact the way that we consume information. (Interview begins at 14:53)

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Podcast Episode #69 - iFixit's Kelsea Weber and Kay-Kay Clapp

If you're looking to repair almost anything, iFixit is THE place to go for almost every resource you'd need. Joerg wraps up Scene World's Right to Repair Month [obnoxious air horn] with iFixit's Kelsea Weber and Kay-Kay Clapp, where they talk about the amazing resource that iFixit provides to those who want to repair their stuff, and why having the right to repair is so important. (interview begins at 11:40)

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Scene World now has a search function on its homepage! :)

Hi everybody!

Thanks to our awesome webmaster Soenke, we now have a search function and the best thing is, it works!
Check it out:

Thanks a lot Soenke! 8-)

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Video interview with Christian Spanik - Part 3 - Pioneering in Web TV

How it was to pioneer in German web.TV.

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