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Ep. #193 - St1ka

We are very happy to have St1ka as a guest in the new episode of our podcast. He is a Youtuber from Portugal dedicated to retrogaming and loves Sega and Dos gaming. His videos like for example "17 Weird, Unique and BIZARRE Games You NEVER Played!" or "17 "TERRIBLE GAMES" THAT ARE ACTUALLY GOOD!" regularly reach over 200k views on Youtube....The interview starts at minute 59:00

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Ep. #192 - Inside the World of Console Mods with Samtron5000

In this thrilling episode of The Scene World Podcast, we are joined by the ingenious Samtron5000, a renowned figure in the gaming community for her exceptional skills in console modifications, repairs, and upgrades. Tune in as we delve into Samtron5000’s fascinating journey from an avid gamer to a highly respected content creator on YouTube and Twitch. We explore her most challenging and rewarding projects, the latest trends in gaming hardware, and her tips for anyone looking to get into console modding. Whether you're a hardcore gamer, a tech hobbyist, or just curious about the inner workings of game consoles, this episode is packed with insights and stories that will captivate and inspire. Don’t miss out on this deep dive into the cutting-edge world of gaming tech with Samtron5000! The interview starts at minute 28:28

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Ep. #191 - WiC64

And here's our new episode: we welcome Hardy Ullendahl, one of the core team members of the WiC64 - a very special wifi interface for the C64. Enjoy! The interview starts at minute 39:57

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Ep. #190 - Asgard's Fall with Vitali Sperling

Welcome to our new episode! This time we are talking with game designer Vitali Sperling from the game studio Soulpotion who made 'Asgard's Fall'. The game is a mix between a rogue-like and RPG, featuring a persistent skill tree that heavily influences your character's progression. Enjoy.The interview starts at minute 14:26

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Ep. #189 - THE400 Mini with Darren Melbourne

Darren Melbourne returns to the podcast - 3 years after, this time with Retro Games' THE400 Mini. I this episode, hi talks about the rocky way of getting this onto the road and what it means for the Atari scene and the Amiga-Atari competitive being, as well. Enjoy!.The interview starts at minute 23:48

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Ep. #188 - Mike Killingbeck's Project P3OL

In this new episode we welcome Mike Kilingbeck. He is the developer of Project P3OL, a server project compatible with America Online clients from the 90s. Enjoy!.The interview starts at minute 25:53

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Ep. #187 - Super Tilt Bro and Broke Studio

We are back with another episode and this time we invited Antoine Gohin from Broke Studio and Super Tilt Bro coder Sylvain Gadrat AKA Roger Bidon. They are talking about their new upcoming game Super Tilt Bro with us which is an online platform-fighting game with a unique and revolutionary Wi-Fi enabled cartridge for the NES! Broke Studios are mostly known for their first NES Game Twin Dragons...The interview starts at minute 28:17

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Ep. #186 - Brazilian video game history with Chirinea

In our new episode we are talking with Guilherme Chirinéa, a Youtuber from Brazil covering vintage videogames history and doing vgm cover music. His collection of Master System videos is pretty impressive, also he runs an extensive encyclopedia of Brazilian video game history! The interview parts starts at minute 24:23

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Ep. #185 - Eleonora Sayaka and her digital attic

Eleonora is a striving tech YouTuber that concentrates on retro tech, all about modding and repair any really anything tech, in multiple languages as well! :) She tells us more about her history and love for tech and her projects she is following in her attic! The interview parts starts at minute 23:18

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Ep. #184 - Jon Hare about Sociable Soccer 24

Now that Sociable Soccer 24 was finally released on PC end of 2023, we welcome back famous and pioneering designer Jon Hare to talk about what had happened between our first interview with him (Podcast Episode #25 in August 2016!) and what the hurdlers have been for him and his time to finally be able to release another kick-ball arcade soccer game! The interview parts starts at minute 22:13

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