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Podcast Episode #179 - Game development in LATAM with Kartherine "Ekate" Vildoso

In this episode, we delve into the creative realms with the exceptionally talented Katherine "Ekate" Vildoso. As a seasoned artist and designer, Katherine brings a unique perspective to the conversation, sharing insights from her journey that spans the worlds of digital art, illustration, and immersive storytelling. Join us as we explore the dynamic intersection of technology and creativity, uncovering the inspirations that fuel Ekate's work. From her experiences in augmented reality to captivating visual narratives, this episode is a fascinating journey into the mind of a visionary creator. The interview starts at minute 13:08 into the podcast

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Podcast Episode #178 - Binary Impact's Parking World

We are back with a new episode and this time we are very happy to have Jens Wiechering from the game developer Binary Impact on board. He is talking about his work and their upcoming game Parking World with us. Their game BEAM was already a huge success, but Parking World will be a for sure a business simulation blast, too!Enjoy! The interview starts at minute 34:08

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Podcast Episode #177 - Richard Loewenstein

Here's our new episode and we are very happy to welcome Richard Loewenstein aka Spieleschreiber. He's very well known for his Amiga game Reshoot Proxima 3 or Reshoot R and being an editor for Amiga Joker. Furthermore he also wrote articles for Spiegel Online or T-Online. Enjoy! The interview starts at minute 29:03

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Podcast Episode #167 - Manu Segura about game development in Spain

We have a new podcast episode and this time we are talking with retro game developer Manu Segura. He and his team mates of Tuxedo Games are very well-known for their work on ZX Spectrum, Gameboy and Master System and games like Coloco or Chain Break. A lot to learn about the beginnings and history of game developing in Spain and also about what Manu is particularly working on right now. Enjoy! Interview starts at minute 09:11

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