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Podcast Episode #97 - ArcadeFire! with Casey Ross and Walter Day

Billy Mitchell is certainly one of the more controversial and divisive individuals among the gaming universe, and precisely the sort of character you might write a musical about! Casey Ross has done just this with with her musical ArcadeFire: The Redemption of Billy Mitchell. Casey -- and Walter Day! -- join Joerg and AJ to discuss the musical, the controversies, and whatever else comes up. (Interview begins at 12:20)

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Podcast Episode #58 - Richie Knucklez

AJ and Joerg talk to Richie Knucklez who is very famous for his Kong Off events, his skills in repairing Arcades to make them look again like new from factory, and his strong bounds with good old Twin Galaxies, when Walter Day still ran it. We cover everything about arcades in this interview, Twin Galaxies, high score scandals, changes in the scene, his experience with Walter and the rest of the core founder gang of Twin Galaxies! The interview starts 30 minutes into the podcast

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Video Interview with Alexis N.

Alexis N. is a documentary film director, known for Doctor Kong (2011) - a short movie which portrays the life and challenge of former Donkey Kong World Champion Hank Chien who reached fame by beating the former high score players Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe.

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Video Interview with Hank Chien

Hank Chien is a former and current world record holder in the arcade game "Donkey Kong".

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Video Interview with Billy Mitchell

Billy Mitchell, also referred to as "Videogame Player of the Century", his a HiScore player of many games such as Donkey Kong and Pac-Man.

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