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Podcast Episode #175 - Club Koala

In our new episode we are talking about Club Koala by Play for Fun Games - an Al-powered 3D simulation game which lets players build their own islands and create a fully customized gaming club based on their designs and interests, without the need for complex programming skills. The public beta version of the game will be released later this year and will feature various cutting-edge AI functions such as lifelike AI NPCs and captivating AI music, as well as user-friendly editors, which make creating your dream world and building a community of like-minded players and NPCs seamless. Enjoy! The interview itself starts at timestamp 54:37

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Podcast Episode #174 - The - I adore my 64 - film with Jeff Schaap

In this episode we are very glad to welcome Jeff Schaap, Producer and Director of - I Adore My 64 - a documentary film of the usership of the Commodore 64 in the US. We talk about his motivation and goal of this documentary, and don't forget to pledge its crowdfunding campaign to make sure it is to be a success! Interview starts 31 Minutes into the podcast episode.

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Podcast Episode #173 - Irata

In this episode we are very glad to welcome Irata, one of the first sceners on the C64 talking in this podcast episode how everything started for him back in as early as 1983 and why he still is active in the scene nowadays! The interview start at minute 10:00!

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Podcast Episode #172 - The Chernobyl Family

In our new podcast episode we are very happy to welcome the Chernobyl Family consisting of Alex from Ukraine and Michaela from Slovakia. They explore and study the phenomenon of Chernobyl since 2009 as on-site researchers and they are retro computing enthusiasts as well. Enjoy! The interview starts at minute 15:55

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Podcast Episode #171 - Bitmap Bureau

It's time for another episode of our podcast and this time we welcome Mike Tucker from Bitmap Bureau. Their shooter game Xeno Crisis is a hit on many retro consoles like the Mega Drive, Neo Geo or Dreamcast - at the moment it is even getting ported to SNES! Listen to some new insights. The interview starts at minute 11:10 Enjoy!

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Podcast Episode #170 - "I Doesn't Exist" with Anna-Lena Pontet + Luzia Huettenmoser of Lual Games!

Discover the mesmerizing world of "I Doesn't Exist" in this exclusive podcast episode with LuaL Games! Step into a text adventure experience that defies conventions, as we explore the boundless creativity and multiverse possibilities behind this groundbreaking game. Join us for an intriguing peek behind the scenes, where we uncover the inspirations, challenges, and secrets that brought "I Doesn't Exist" to life. Don't miss this thrilling audio adventure - subscribe now and be the first to dive into the extraordinary universe of "I Doesn't Exist"! Interview starts at 27:25 minutes!

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Podcast Episode #169 - Limited Run Games

In our new episode we are talking with Joe Modzeleski and Dimitris Giannakis from Limited Run Games. Enjoy some interesting insights from one of the most interesting gaming companies these days which brings you fantastic collector editions and re-releases of long forgotten retro gems. Interview starts at minute 21:48

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Podcast Episode #168 - Watching games being played as a form of entertainment with Rhakimdar

In this episode, we delve into a unique form of entertainment: watching games being played! Join us as we sit down with our newest Scene World staffer, Rhakimndar, to explore this rising trend. Discover why more and more people are turning to live streams, gameplay videos, and esports events for their fun and engagement with games. We'll dive into the experience of watching games and explore how it influences gaming culture. Rhakimndar, a passionate gaming expert and live stream enthusiast, will share their insights and perspectives on this phenomenon. Get ready to immerse yourself in the exciting world of watching games being played as we examine how this trend is shaping the way we interact with games. Tune in now and join us for this fascinating conversation about watching games being played! Interview starts at minute 38:07

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Podcast Episode #167 - Manu Segura about game development in Spain

We have a new podcast episode and this time we are talking with retro game developer Manu Segura. He and his team mates of Tuxedo Games are very well-known for their work on ZX Spectrum, Gameboy and Master System and games like Coloco or Chain Break. A lot to learn about the beginnings and history of game developing in Spain and also about what Manu is particularly working on right now. Enjoy! Interview starts at minute 09:11

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Podcast Episode #166 - OverTake + RaceDepartment

In our brand new episode we are dealing with OverTake and RaceDepartment. They joined forces and are now the number 1 sim racing community The merger between RaceDepartment and OverTake will help them to overcome various challenges while providing the best possible experience for every sim racer! Enjoy! Interview starts at minute 13:16

Posted by Nafcom on May 25, 2023 // Read more »