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Video interview with Petro Tyschtschenko

Petro Tyschtschenko has been been working for Commodore/AMIGA longer than any other Commodore employee (1982-2001). Worked at Commodore as Director Internatinal Logistics and Materials and lateron as CEO. Also was CEO of Amiga lateron and did the deals with ESCOM and Gateway2000 regarding the AMIGA assets.

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Ghostbusters turns 30 – special episode of Retro Hunter

Retro Hunter celebrates Ghostbusters 30th anniversary with an exclusive episode for Scene World Magazine

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Issue #22 is out!

Welcome to our new news section of our homepage and to our new Scene World #22!

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Video interview with Jeri Ellsworth

Jeri Ellsworth is a self-taught computer chip designer. She is best known for creating a Commodore 64 emulator within a joystick, in 2004, called C64 Direct-to-TV. and the ATX-motherboard C64 clone called "Commodore One".

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Video interview with Ralph H. Baer

Ralph Baer is video game pioneer, inventor and engineer, known as "The Father of Video Games". He also received the National Medal of Technology for inventing the home console for video games and spawning the video game industry.

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Scene World live presentation at HomeConnected

We have been invited to do to a live presentation of our Scene World diskmag on the HomeConnected.

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Video interview with Sven Voessing

Sven Voessing is pretty known for his Retro Hunter retro shows hunting old retro classics.

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Video interview with Dave Haynie

Dave Haynie, former Commodore International chief engineer on high end and advanced projects. He is still quite vocal in the Amiga community.

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Welcome to our new homepage!

After 10 years we decided to come up with a new web 2.0 ready homepage.

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Nafcom being interviewed at Classic-Videogames LIVE! #39

Nafcom has recently been interviewed, this time primarily about the C64 diskmag project Scene World.

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