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Ep. #191 - WiC64

And here's our new episode: we welcome Hardy Ullendahl, one of the core team members of the WiC64 - a very special wifi interface for the C64. Enjoy! The interview starts at minute 39:57

Posted by Nafcom on May 31, 2024 // Read more »

Ep. #190 - Asgard's Fall with Vitali Sperling

Welcome to our new episode! This time we are talking with game designer Vitali Sperling from the game studio Soulpotion who made 'Asgard's Fall'. The game is a mix between a rogue-like and RPG, featuring a persistent skill tree that heavily influences your character's progression. Enjoy.The interview starts at minute 14:26

Posted by Nafcom on May 18, 2024 // Read more »