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Podcast Episode #170 - "I Doesn't Exist" with Anna-Lena Pontet + Luzia Huettenmoser of Lual Games!

Discover the mesmerizing world of "I Doesn't Exist" in this exclusive podcast episode with LuaL Games! Step into a text adventure experience that defies conventions, as we explore the boundless creativity and multiverse possibilities behind this groundbreaking game. Join us for an intriguing peek behind the scenes, where we uncover the inspirations, challenges, and secrets that brought "I Doesn't Exist" to life. Don't miss this thrilling audio adventure - subscribe now and be the first to dive into the extraordinary universe of "I Doesn't Exist"! Interview starts at 27:25 minutes!

Posted by Nafcom on Jul 27, 2023 // Read more »

Podcast Episode #169 - Limited Run Games

In our new episode we are talking with Joe Modzeleski and Dimitris Giannakis from Limited Run Games. Enjoy some interesting insights from one of the most interesting gaming companies these days which brings you fantastic collector editions and re-releases of long forgotten retro gems. Interview starts at minute 21:48

Posted by Nafcom on Jul 20, 2023 // Read more »