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Podcast Episode #127 - Nicola and Anthony Caulfield

In our new podcast episode we are happy to have Nicola and Anthony Caulfield: a filmmaking team from London, responsible for awesome documentaries like From Bedrooms To Billions and its sequel The Amiga Years. We are talking with them about their new project The Rubber-Keyed Wonder - a documentary about the ZX Spectrum which is currently on Kickstarter. Interview starts at 09:47 minutes

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  • prize draw for our listeners: "Also we'd like to offer you a competition, if any of your viewers / listeners who back our film The Rubber-Keyed Wonder after listening to your show, if they send us a message from within the Kickstarter campaign once they've backed saying the words 'Scene World Magazine' we will be doing a prize drawer at the end of the campaign and 3 of your lucky listeners will win some signed movie posters from all 4 of our films."

  • Ant And Nic's Cabin Fever YouTube channel (trailer has been added to the end of the podcast)!
  • order their previous documentaries about C64, Amiga and Playstation!:

  • Anthony & Nicola Calfield on Twitter:

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