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Podcast Episode #80 - Gamescom 2019 Special Episode!

Martin Ahman, AJ and Joerg look back at the games that were revived via retro IP successors. (Yes, PC retro is also retro nowadays!). Let's have a look together at what publishers and development studios showed us today!

Games we took a look at:

-Autonauts (3:07)
-1985WorldCup (5:34)  (thanks to Maennerquatsch Podcast!)
-Comanche (17:21)
-Beyond Blue (17:48)
-Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 (20:43) (eFootball)
-Highrisers (28:07) (update interview)
-Deadly Days (29:36)
-Encodya (31:54)
-Contra Rogue Corps (35:20)
-Wrath (52:09)
-Desperados III (01:01:32)
-Elder Scrolls Online – Elsweyr (01:07:14)
-Intellivision Amico (01:12:15)
-Necrobarista (01:16:05)
-Memorrah (01:19:40)

Intro promo by Valerio Cannone:


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