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Scene World @ Gamescom 2018 from a Retro lover point of view

Since 2014, Scene World is part of the Retro Area @ Gamescom, so here is our yearly report. As a blog post (and later in the C64 and Amiga versions of our diskamg as well!)


Being located in Hall 10.2 in the Family & Friends area, as always, we had the usual place. Except this time we had real advertisement stuff pros to help us decorating the booth with Posters and Rollups :) Juergen and his 2 sons and our graphic guy Nodepond were  a big help!" We have had ! (Check out our photos we took of our booth at our instagram

We have met a lot of old and new friends, and as always we had interviews in the business area about successors of "PC Retro" game titles!


E.g., we were invited to the press conference event at Konami where they have presented the followingupcoming releases: PES 2019, Hyper Sports R and Zone of the Enders 2.

PES 2019

While, PES was not really retro related, it has interested us anyway, not only because we like soccer games, but also befcause, we have had Konami previously in our podcast as guests, see Adam Bhatti talking to us about PES 2016 back in 2015.

The news they presented regarding PES were - next to others: 

-Of course the graphic would have been improved and so hence they decided it will only be released for current-gen consoles!
-More licenses are included as well, like Germans Schalke 04 and the complete Russioan League.
-The Players were scanned as well as the stadiums (However the dead eyes that AJ complained about on the players, are still present, so despite it looks more realistic, their eyes still don't transport emotion much.
(At least if the player is very known, it has now its own so called "signature move" which is a really interesting and smart move of Konami, I think, way to go!) 
-Tribbling and passing is now altering bases on the environmental attributes.
-Players can geht hurt if you try trippling non-stop and for sure they will slow down after a while! 

Zone of the Enders 2 M∀RS Remastered in 4K and full VR

Zone of Enders 2 is actually also available in a VR version (called "M∀RS Remastered in 4K and full VR") starting tomorrow! 
It was pretty interesting for uis, as the game itself  is a third-person shooter hack and slash video game that was developed and published by Konami for the PlayStation 2 in 2003.
It was pretty amazing to watch, especially for our member Altraz, as this was the first VR game he has ever played! :)

And last but not least:

Hyper Sports R

Céline Combelles, Konami's European Brand Manager certainly did a good job in presenting this to appeal to former kids of the 80's playing Epyx Summer Games (Read our interview with Epyx' former sound manager Chris Grigg in SWO issue# 22!) and Track & Field in the arcades back in the days!
It had a very control scheme, considering it's released for the Nintendo Switch, it feels like playing a Nintendo Wii game moving like a real athlete but with joycons in your hands :) (The oldschool button smashing alternative is implemented nicely too anyway!).

We hope to get more about this from Konami at a later point! 


Of course we ere also invited to tlak to our friendly publisher from Sweden/Austria  again AKA:

THQ Nordic

Since 2015 we have spoken to them regularly and to Norbert Varaga of Digital Arrow about their soon-to-be-released Aquanox successor Deep Descent (Watch the podcast episodes with video!) and check out our intervies with him at Gamescom in 2016 and 2017 at Gamescom on our youtube channel!).


Destruction Derby anyone? :)
As they released the PC version approx 8 weeks ago, now it is time to work on the console versions, so we spoke to them about it, and we could record it, check it out! In this interview they also reveal a bit about their "aiming at past retro PC gamers and grab them with re-establishing old IPs!:



We were also invited by Assemble, they made a name of themseves by being founded by former Calypso guys (who formely published the WIngs Kickstarter product of Cinemaware on DVD (Listen to our interview with them!) by releasing a new Hanse (After 32 years!) and Pizza Connection 3, (remember the Amiga, PC DOS Versions of 1994 anyone?)

 And this time they had another 3 games in preperation and we were able to present you an interview for all 3 of them!

Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don't Dry

 Yes, a direct successor of the 1987 classic Sierra release!  Who could have wanted more! They even included the same Sierra like character movement animations, we also discuss with the developer their reasoning behind it and dig into the reavility between Lucasfilm Games and Sierra a bit! (Listen to our podcast interviews ith Lucasflm guys!)


Son and father are developing games now! And their first product is a past zombie acopalypse survival skyscraper jumping game? What does this mean? Check out the interview! :)

Of Ships and Scoundrels

Last but not least: We have had the pleasure to talk to CEO Michael Blatz and coder Christian Heller of Korion Simulation & Assistive Technology GmbH about their turn-based strategic game Of Ships and Scoundrels published by Assemble.

Being a fan of strategic games myself like Command & Conquer since I was 16, this really was very intersting to me! Check out the interview!: