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Additions to Scene World #27 (NTSC News, credits, game tutorial source code + data in PC form)

Released on April, 26th, Scene World #27 - our NTSC and PAL diskmag for the C64 was highly anticipated - however unfortunately some quirks slipped through. More about this in this blog post.

Posted by Nafcom on Apr 28, 2017 // Read more »

video interview with Christian Spanik - Part 2 - Writing scripts for IT TV shows

Christian Spanik Interview for Scene World Magazine - Part 2 - How he made the jump from writing books to write scripts for IT TV shows.

Posted by Nafcom on Apr 27, 2017 // Read more »

Podcast Episode #32 - Andreas Wallstroem

AJ and Joerg talk to Andreas “Morpheus” Wallstroem about his new book, Commodore 64: For the Love of a Machine.

Posted by AJ on Apr 17, 2017 // Read more »

Scene World Let's Play of Thimbleweed Park!

Ron Gilbert, pioneer of point and click adventures and inventor of the SCUMM interface released his latest adventure: Thimblewed Park!

Posted by Nafcom on Apr 08, 2017 // Read more »

Scene World Live Stream: Playing with Dendy

Watch us playing with Dendy, the Russian NES clone! :)

Posted by Nafcom on Apr 08, 2017 // Read more »