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Staffer Nafcom re-appearing at PDGC (Power-Up Digital Games Conference) in February 2017

just like last year, our staff member Nafcom will re-appear as a speaker at the PDGC and talk about his experience as a writer and podcaster with the videogame industry.

From the homepage of Zettabyte Marketing:


Completely Digitally on Discord. Specifically: THIS SERVER


February 2nd to 5th, 2017. Thursday to Sunday.


The Devs Strike Back!

The theme will focus on the development process and give budding developers more of a chance to shine and show off their projects and what they can really do. The guest speakers will give their words of advice and insight, as before, while many of them will delve into the development cycle, proper project management, marketing, the basics, and even the more advanced necessities. This will culminate to a single theme that Zettabyte MPR has dubbed the “PDGC II: The Devs Strike Back!”.

What Is The Power-Up Digital Games Conference?

The Conference (PDGC) is to help educate and inspire new developers, indie developers, aspiring game testers, or anyone willing to listen to words of wisdom among the industry.

No travel, no hotels, no need to leave the house. Since it’s on Discord, you can attend via your computer or your smart phone. It’s not often you can attend a Conference in your jammies.

The entire point of the use of a digital format is to allow for anyone to drop in and drop out at their leisure, which is useful when the Conference takes place through day and night. The chat app, Discord, allows for multiple discussions at once in different rooms, or even a verbal keynote speaker to talk freely, without the need to type. The point of a digital Conference is to allow anyone to join, from anywhere in the world, at any time; day or night. Discord has a desktop app, mobile app, and can be accessed from any browser as well, so it gives the most open and inclusive capabilities out there, no matter who, where, or what you are.


Listen to my last year's speech at YouTube: