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The May 2016 Commodore Alumni Meeting in the slow donkey restaurant.

On June, 25th, I was invited to the secret meeting of former Commodore employees from Commodore Germany and Austria. In a restaurant in Frankfurt  Germany called “slow donkey”.

I have been invited by Andre Kudra of the MEGA project (which we had interviewed in our podcast in February.

It was a real nice location and restaurant and about 40 former Commodore employees attended.

The participation fee of 50 € included a nice 2 course meal and of course great company of former Commodore employees. J

I was able to introduce myself and the Scene World project in a speech to them, this was awesome!

Next to many not-so-known or entirely unknown people to the public, there also have been some former Commodorians who have been out in the public a lot and who kept a close relation to the Commodore community of users and enthusiasts like Dr. Peter Kittel or Petro Tytschenko!

Was sitting on the table where all employees of the former support department took place
(which is a wide range, “support” can mean user support, business support, or developer suppor!’

I was able to hear a lot of stories like from the business support side or the short era of Commodore PCs from which is not much known out in the wild yet.

I was able to get quite some contacts and hope we will hear from their stories by inviting them for an interview :)


It was very interesting to hear all the stories, also how things happned with the Amiga and how printer drivers were coded when there was no knowledge and all had to be developed from ground up :)

For me, I felt quite honored that I was freely told all those nice things and stories and I hope we can present some future interviews to shed some more light into those details for the futuee.

One thing that I have heard from every former employee of Commodore was, that it was their best time to work for them! It was a feeling and the knowledge of being part of the computer revolution that made the computer as widespread as it is nowadays!

One thing for sure, everybody of the previous workers at Commodore was happy to share some bit of their experience with me. I surely felt warmly welcomed and also want to thank all organizers of this invent and the invitation! It was surely a honor and hope once such events occur again, that I will be considered an invitation again :)