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Our staff member @Nafcom will speak on the Power-Up Digital Games Conference in July!

It will be held July 25th to July 31st, 2016, as a 24/7 around the clock discussion


Our staff member Joerg Droege will be attending to the Power-Up Digital Games Conference and talk about his experience with the video game industry, and talking to pioneers in the video game fields.

It will be held via this sever on Discord. The specific time when our staff member Joerg Droege aka Nafcom will held is speech is still to be announced yet.

Please also support this conference via Thunderclap's campaign page:

From their press release: 

Zettabyte Marketing And PowerUp Games Announces First Ever Power-Up Digital Games Conference

Monday, June 20th, 2016--- Zettabyte Marketing, PR, and Communications and PowerUp Games is proud to announce the first ever Power-Up Digital Games Conference, to be hosted on the chat app “Discord” ( It will be held from July 25th to July 31st, 2016, as a 24/7, around-the-clock discussion and round table, and is completely free to anyone that wants to join or participate.

The Conference is dedicated to educating and inspiring new developers, indie developers, aspiring game testers, or just anyone willing to listen to words of wisdom and advice from those that have experience and expertise in the industry. There will be around the clock discussions and panels for a full week, all via the Discord app (which is available in desktop, mobile, or web-based forms) to make the Conference more accessible than a physical show. Jesse Collins, CEO of Zettabyte Marketing, chimed in to say, “No travel. No hotels. No need to leave the house. It’s not often you can attend a Conference in your jammies.”

The PUDGC will feature a large handful of giants in the industry, both current and past. Already announced Special Guests are Greg Zeschuk (Co-Founder, Bioware), Gregory MacMartin (Founder/CEO, Interdimensional Games), Terry Nagy (CCO, Apogee Games), Mike Mika (CCO, Other Ocean), Oded Sharon (CEO, Corbomite Games), Richie Bisso (President, Hyperkinetic Games), John O’Neill (President, Spark Plug Games), and Kate Edwards (Executive Director, International Game Developers Association), Billy Joe Cain (Meta 3D Studios), Coray Seifert (Creative Director, Krakensoft), Rupert Meghnot (Burnout Game Ventures), and Rusel DeMaria (President, DeMaria Studio). Along with the currently announced list, we will also hold several panels and discussions throughout all the days to spark up conversation among the participants.

The week-long event will be hosted by Jesse Collins (Zettabyte Marketing) and Brad Baker (PowerUp Games), with volunteers and “Gatekeepers” helping organize individual discussions and panels. Discord alleviates the normal issue at conventions or conferences of “necessary sacrifice”. The ease of use of the app allows you to be in multiple rooms, panels, and discussions all at once. The “drop-in, drop-out” mentality allows anyone to go about their normal lives during the Conference, and check rooms at their leisure. The Discord app can handle text and vocals, but Special Guests may choose to do their live stream on Twitch.

Gatekeepers will be on duty to keep in-fighting, bullies, “trolls”, advertisers, or anything else that can cause trouble away. This is meant to be a safe place to learn and discuss. Debates are always welcome, but fighting is not. Those looking for trouble will not be tolerated and will receive a ban from the server.

The pre-registration is open as of today, officially. To attend the conference, you do not have to register, but it would be highly recommended. Registered attendees gain certain perks that non-registered attendees do not. In order to gain a Press and Media pass, you must register. If you are a games or tech industry person looking to speak at the conference, register under the same guidelines and you will be contacted. If you would like to advertise your business during the Conference, contact Jesse Collins at jesse[at] to work something out, as those that advertise without permission will be banned and have their post deleted.

Jesse spoke about the nature of the conference, “This entire Conference is a test to prove that you can put together and market something that can help a lot of people, with a very limited budget. If nothing else, I’d like to help those that need it. The entire point of the PUDGC is to educate a new generation of developers and pass on words of wisdom to the newcomers to the industry. If only one person learns something during this, then I’d call this a success.”

The Power-Up Digital Games Conference will have more announcements in the coming weeks, so the best way to stay updated is to register and see the announcements within the Discord server, or follow Zettabyte Marketing’s Facebook ( and PowerUp Games’ Facebook ( .

To fully register, go to:

To join the Discord server early and get acquainted with the Conference hall, you can join via this permanent link: