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Scene World @ Extra Life's Game Day 2015.

AJ and Joerg played 24h for sick kids on Extra Life's Game Day! Here is a playlist containing all the beauty!

AJ and Joerg from Scene World Magazine took part in Extra Life's Game Day 2015:

The fundraising for sick kids is ongoing:

AJ's fundraising page on Extra Life:

Joerg's fundraising page on Extra Life:

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The Playlist containing all the videos is at


Here is the intro and one video that we had to host on Vimeo as well as it was blocked on youtube for some countries because of music we couldn't disable/remove (as the max for free accounts is 500 MB per video, please apologize fot the instable quality of the video.

Intro and first PES 2016 match:




And here is Fifa 16 and Heroes & Cowards: