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Ghostbusters turns 30 – special episode of Retro Hunter

Retro Hunter celebrates Ghostbusters 30th anniversary with an exclusive episode for Scene World Magazine

This is a Special Episode for the fans of Scene World Magazine. Retro Hunter is a video podcast, usually in German language. Recently, host Sven Voessing returned from the beyond after almost a year's break - to quote from Ghostbusters 2: "Better late than never". Ghostbusters: To this very topic, the new episode revolves. Around the Ghostbusters, there were both very good licensed game titles, as well as real bad ones in the past.

Ghostbusters for the Commodore 64 applies as a classic even today, which served among other things as an inspiration for the indie game Ghost Control Inc. For the official implementation, David Crane was responsible. He is widely regarded as a legend in the industry (read more about David Crane in our interview issued in Scene World Magazine #22). The Real Ghostbusters, an implementation of the same name cartoon series for the home computer, on the other hand is a real bad title which was rightly forgotten.

If you like this very special episode of Retro Hunter then make sure to check out our video interview with host Sven Voessing we did back in August 2013.